Most well-known and recognised for my impressive time in demolishing a hearty 6 scoops of delicious frozen dessert, my creative attempt at homemade waffle cones and my dabbling in the art of Adobe; on occasion come up with some nifty designs.  

Over the last 2 years, my dabbling turned into full time employment and I've spent my days hanging out at Hancocks HQ in Auckland. Hancocks is an alcohol merchant (werk perks) which means I’ve had the opportunity to create cool stuff for brands like Jack Daniels, Titos and Jägermeister (double werk perks). This includes everything from; event set ups and photography, book design, bar and restaurant collateral, food and drink menus, liquor shop and grocery promotions, EDM design and everything else in between.

Before moving into the liquor industry I tried my hand in the line of indoor landscaping. Now I’m no gardener so I stuck to the design side of things. At Inscape I worked on website development, booklet design, logo design, branding and social media marketing.

After graduating from AUT University I jumped at the opportunity to flee little old NZ for NYC. In a lucky turn of events, on arrival I managed to score myself a part time ice cream scooping gig to satisfy all my ice cream related accomplishments, but it wasn't all glitz and glam, I also toiled in some freelance on the side.  

Under my belt I hold a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Illustration, incredible wit and that classic New Zealand charm. During my degree I spent a semester abroad in Austria, plaiting pigtails and eating pretzels (das war gut) just kidding, I was part of a high intensive learning program aimed to not only culture us but challenge us academically (das war hart).

Last year I decided full time work and part time adulting wasn't enough, so enrolled at Massey University and completed a paper in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Now I’ve quit my job, flown half way across the world and decided it’s time to dip my toe in that ‘London experience.’ I’m ready to get creative and challenge myself again, so hit me up and let’s make cool stuff!

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